Business Cases

Sale of Ancillary Services

Ancillary services and green energy are inextricably linked

Ancillary services refer to several products purchased by Energinet to ensure a constantly balanced electricity production and consumption in Denmark. For many years, we have been used to coal-fired power plants ensuring a balanced electricity system. However, as a larger share of our electricity production comes from solar and wind, and we simultaneously electrify society, the need for ancillary services has increased immensely.


With Energy Storage, a battery can be activated in less than a 1 second and thus contribute to stabilizing the frequency of the power grid. Renewable-energy power plants with Energy Storage facilities meeting the requirements for ancillary services can sell their electricity at auction for an attractive price per kWh.


Energy Storage plants meeting the requirements for ancillary services will experience good prices in the coming years as renewable energy gains a increasingly larger market share.



Electricity Trading

We call it profitable and green business


As more is invested in renewable energy, we will experience greater fluctuations in energy prices in the future because production does not necessarily follow demand. This can result in overproduction at some times of the day and too little production at other times. As a result, the price of electricity will vary significantly over the course of the day depending on supply and demand.


With Energy Storage, electricity can be sold when it is most expensive and purchased when it is least expensive. The business potential from electricity trading will increase significantly in the coming years as renewable energy gains an increasingly larger market share.


Optimizing Energy Economy

A penny saved is a penny earned


Renewable-energy power plants producing solar or wind energy for, say, a business or a farm face the major challenge that there is no guarantee of the desired supply because renewable energy production depends on weather conditions. The consequence can be the purchase of expensive electricity during periods when the plant does not produce enough power.


With Energy Storage, expensive purchased electricity is substituted with battery-stored electricity. In addition, costly peaks in electricity consumption are smoothed out, without having to pay transmission tariffs.


Even without a renewable-energy power plant, Energy Storage can contribute to a better energy economy, especially for companies having trouble getting sufficient energy supply during peak demand situations. Here, Energy Storage can ensure that electricity supply is optimally utilized around the clock.


Companies with Energy Storage will see a significant difference in their bottom line.

Companies with Renewable-Energy Power Plants


At Nordic Energy Storage ApS, we help owners or hosts of existing renewable-energy power plants to optimize the use of green energy produced by their plant. We assist in project development of Energy Storage facilities, such as solar farms, wind turbines, or companies.


Energy Storage means:

  • Improved power supply security
  • Sale of stored power when it is most valuable
  • Purchase of extra power when it is cheapest
  • Saved transmission tariffs
  • Participation in trading ancillary services

Companies without Renewable-Energy Power Plants

For companies without renewable-energy production, Energy Storage ApS helps to optimize and stabilize their energy economy. An Energy Storage facility can be installed even if the company does not produce renewable energy. The facility can store electricity purchased on the electricity market when it is cheapest, which can then be used as a buffer during peak demand periods. Energy Storage is the ideal solution for companies experiencing large fluctuations in energy consumption or wanting to have a contingency plan in case of power outages.